Everybody has their “beach”—the place where you find yourself in your element of relaxation or excitement. Drink in hand and toes in sand, or summit of mountain and valley of vines, I thrive on traveling and experiencing life outside the homestead. 

On the Beach Somewhere originally launched in 2007 when I began a short-lived career as a travel agent, and in 2008 I chronicled my cross-country road trip in real time. Sadly, the domain expired and all content was lost. In 2019, I relaunched OTBS with a new outlook. You can now read about all my past, present, and future travels. Life is a Journey, but for me it’s a Beach!

I am a world traveler and I long to explore more places near and far. Bucket list: Australia, Iceland.


I have traveled the states on the road and in the air. Bucket list: Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming.


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Meredith enjoys all things travel, especially food, drink, and living like a local, whether it’s in OCMD or USVI.