Top 5 Podcasts

Whether you are sitting on the beach with your headphones, on a plane, or driving to your destination, podcasts are a great way to pass the time. I load a bunch of episodes on my old-school iPod so I don’t have to use up my phone’s data. These are a few that I am into right now.

1. Again With This: Beverly Hills, 90210. I have a girl crush on Tara Ariano, who leads this podcast, recapping episodes of 90210 with unapologetic wit. We hate Brandon and we love to hate Brenda.

Baby-sitters Club Club. Two guys in their 30s talk about Claudia wearing a bra, how much they hate Stacey, and how religion, ghosts, and current themes creep into the iconic texts from the 80s and 90s. Hilarious.

3. Fat-Burning Man. Abel James is one of my idols. He is adorable, first of all. I saw him on My Diet Is Better Than Yours and started following his podcast, where he interviews all kinds of influential bloggers, doctors, scientists, etc. on ways to improve your general well-being.

4. Serial. Season 1 was obviously amazing, following Adnan Syed’s story. Season 2 left me a little unsatisfied, but I’m about to give Season 3 a try (if I can ever tear myself away from Baby-sitters Club Club).

5. Quick and Dirty Tips. I like to listen to Grammar Girl to keep my editing skills fresh.

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